Secure Your CGM Sensor, for Good

Waterproof diabetes sensor patch cover that stay in place for 10-14 days.

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Long-Lasting, Non-Fraying Sensor Covers

No more wasting time or money with unreliable KT-Tape patches that fray, come loose after activities or just fail to contour to your body. Plus Patches get a quick stick bond to your skin, and your device patch, with no fraying or edge lift for 10-14 days.

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Simple & Discrete CGM Patch

Plus Patches allow users to live their lives without worrying about their diabetes sensors falling off. We used the best stick-to-skin tape that allows you to stick it and forget it for the life of your device battery. The adhesive meets Biocomp with the FDA for sensitization, irritation and cytotoxicity.

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Made by Adhesive Experts in the USA

Our patches are designed and made in the USA with the best adhesive tape manufacturers. Through trials and a lot of engineering, we created the Plus Patches to secure your device for the intended length of the device.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Plus Patches

What are Plus Patches?

Plus Patches are overlay adhesive tape to help secure your diabetes sensors and pumps for 10-14 days.

What diabetes management sensors and pumps is Plus Patch designed for?

-Dexcom G6

-Dexcom G7

-Abbott Freestyle Libre

-Medtronic Guardian

Infusion Pumps

-Insulet Omnipod

What is the wear time for Plus Patches?

The intended wear time is 10-14 days of continuous wear with our overlay patches.

How many Plus Patches come in a pack?

Plus patches come in 10 packs.

Are Plus Patches reusable?

No. Plus patches are single use.

Will getting the adhesive on my actual sensor hurt it?

Our Plus Patch overlays are designed to either fit over the original manufacturer's skin patch to avoid the device all together or if you are using the G7, Libre or Guardian we have applied a non-woven carrier in the center of our Plus Patches so no adhesive will come in contact with your device.

How long does it take for Plus Patches to ship out?

We ship all our packages out 3-5 days after an order is received.

Does health care insurance pay for Plus Patches?

We do not accept insurance on our website. However, you can check with you provider to see if they cover supplies. The HCPCS codes for reimbursement are HCPCS Code: K0553

Product and Service Code: DM05 Blood Glucose Monitors and/or Supplies (Non-Mail Order)

Product and Service Code: DM06 Blood Glucose Monitors and/or Supplies (Mail Order)