Creating a Secure CGM Cover

Having Diabetes myself, I started Plus Patches because I saw a need for a better monitor overlay patch to help secure my expensive CGMs and infusion pumps.

It was impossible to find cover tape that fit my CGM and stayed put in any activity, including my simple daily shower.

We've created these patches with real life in mind. I am so excited to share these products with the community that depends on the insights from a CGM.

About Plus Patches

Skin Patch Shop (parent company) was created when our founders saw a market need in the CGM space to secure CGM devices as the market segment grows. Our founder has over 20 years of adhesive tape engineering experience. He helped Dexcom launch their G4-G6 versions of their CGM as well as over 50 wearables companies launch their products. He knows tape!

Through many years in the adhesive and tape converting industry our founder saw a need for something better to help secure CGM and Infusion pumps stay in place for 2+ weeks. We knew we could build a better product that would allow Type 1 diabetics secure their device and then go on with life.

We wanted to give diabetics a higher end solution that works better than KT Tape and something that is ultra reliable. Thus, the Plus Patch adhesive system of cover tapes was born.