CGM Cover Tapes: How They’re Making Diabetes Management Easier

CGM Cover Tapes: How They’re Making Diabetes Management Easier

CGM Cover Tapes: How They’re Making Diabetes Management Easier

Over 10% of the American population has diabetes and almost 1 in 3 Americans have pre-diabetes. Living with diabetes requires you to constantly track your blood sugar levels. Over the years the approach to diabetes management has steadily evolved.

We’ll take a closer look at how modern CGM devices are empowering the masses to lead a normal life with diabetes and the role CGM cover tapes play in improving the efficacy of CMG devices.            

What’s a CGM Device?

“CGM” stands for Constant Glucose Monitors. It is a wearable device that gives patients the ability to track, monitor, and regulate their insulin levels. They adhere to a person’s skin with biocompatible adhesive tape patches. The device has a lancet that penetrates the epidural layer of the user’s skin and can monitor the user’s blood glucose for up to 14 days.

Traditionally patients have had to rely on manual finger pricking to monitor their blood glucose. CGM devices are simplifying the process by making it quick, automated, and more accurate.

The Role Of CGM Cover Tapes in Diabetes Management  

Modern CMG devices are being manufactured for wear times as long as 21 days on the human body. This necessitates an extra layer of protection for the device for day-to-day activities. The term “cover tape” indicates just that – a tape to cover and protect the CGM device from water, dirt, and debris during daily use.

Cover tapes are typically Polyurethane (PU) single-sided tapes that stretch over the top of the CGM device on the skin to give the device an extra layer of protection. They act as a barrier for the CGM device and the stick-to-skin patches the device is attached to. Cover tapes can be designed for single-use (one day), or adherence for up to 14+ days.

As the masses embrace CGM devices for diabetes treatment, there has been a steady demand for uniqueness and self-identification with cover tapes. The cover tape aftermarket has witnessed sharp growth as more than 100 million CGM devices are expected to be sold in the US alone in 2022.  

Many aftermarket manufacturers provide “fashionable” cover tapes in unique patterns and custom prints that make a statement. 

There are plenty of options for every price point ranging from inexpensive K-Tape material to PU non-woven fabrics, which offer excellent wear time and comfort while keeping the device securely adhered to the user’s body.

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